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Indiana Advanced Healthcare Plan

Your Choice for Better Medical Benefits

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane" 



of all business in the U.S. 

is conducted by employers with

less than 100 employees

Why should that make your company health plans so expensive with limited care options?

How it Works

Plan Features

We have designed a plan that provides a solution so important that it should be available to all employers: join 100+ other employers and 20,000+ members who are buying Healthcare better.

The Advanced Healthcare Plan works for employers and employees. It's a plan that rewards employees for being good healthcare consumers and where those actions can be seen on the company bottom line. This is a plan where choice is expanded, not narrowed.

Employer Benefits

- 100% customizable plan design

- Group buying pool utilizing best risk

   management practices

- Opportunity for premium savings and end of year surplus returns

- No individual medical questionnaires

- Easy, low-touch quote process

- Free access to Mineral HR

   - Learning management

   - HR support

   - Compliance

Employee Benefits

- Free Teledoc access with option for unlimited mental health visits

- Concierge health care navigation service

- Scholarship drug program with $0

   co-pay for high cost and specialty


- Access to $0 out-of-pocket MRI, CT, and PET scans

- Access to $0 out-of-pocket surgeries and procedures

- Broad network access

3 Easy Steps

Securely provide census and plan information to

Get a Quote

Receive rates and select plans

Onboard your team & start enjoying better benefits

Want more info?

1020 Gemini Lane

Suite 100

West Lafayette, IN 47906

We're glad you're interested! We'll contact you shortly.

*The IAHP is currently limited to employers with 25+ on their medical plan. We are working every day to bring better benefits to more companies. If you do not meet this criteria but would like to be kept informed of our progress, please leave a message in this form and we will keep in touch. 

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